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Sagamok Anishnawbek has determined that it is necessary and desirable to establish an Education Committee for the efficient and effective administration of its operations. The purpose of the Education Committee is to assist Chief and Council in their responsibilities as they relate to the planning, development, implementation, and monitoring of the organization’s education program.

The Education Committee will make informed decisions through the process of open discussions, critical thinking, and problem solving. This approach to decision making will ensure a high level of accountability, transparency, and responsibility to community members.

Chief and Council shall normally not be involved in the activities of the Education Committee, but in special circumstances, and as the overall authority, shall have the right to reject or modify the decisions of the Education Committee. Council is ultimately responsible and potentially liable for all the decisions made within the organization, including decisions made by the committees it creates.


Empowering Sagamok Anishnawbek to be academically successful and culturally enriched.


Fairness: Everyone has an equal opportunity to Education

Quality: We strive to provide the best education for our learners

Accountability & Commitment: We are accountable to our community and stakeholders and commit to offer access and quality education to our learners

Equality: Equality in Education services for every member of our community

Empathy: We will be empathetic to the needs of all children thereby strengthening their well-being and ensuring success

Mission Statement

The Sagamok Anishnaabek Education Committee is an Anishnaabe, Community-Controlled and a Community-Based Educational Network. We shall provide a holistic educational process towards the well-being of the individual learner of the Sagamok Anishnawbek Nation.

We are committed to

  • the integrity of each learner
  • that each learner strives to the best of his/her abilities
  • the preservation of our culture and Anishnawbe Language
  • the promotion of our Anishnawbe values and beliefs through our educational environment
  • the respect of one’s self , others, and society as a whole
  • providing the best resources for our learners
  • accessing and providing alternative mechanisms for the best interest of our learners
  • fostering a sense of unity, pride, and self-worth in the ownership of our community
  • nurturing the learners’ physical, social, emotional and spiritual well-being.
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