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Aanii, Boozhoo! 


The school year has been busy, with many events happening each month, including family literacy & numeracy days and numerous sporting activities.  I want to say Chi-Miigwetch, for your support and involvement with these events/activities, and I hope to see your continued involvement throughout the remainder of the school year.


The support of parents as working partners with our staff is the key to providing a learning environment that helps each student develop to their fullest potential.  Our open houses and parent/teacher progress and report card days provide opportunities for you to observe your child’s classroom, meet with your child’s teacher and discuss their progress.  As well, we encourage communication through the use of student agendas, phone calls, and email. 


Our Parent Teacher Advisory Group (PTAG) is well underway. If you are not involved as of yet, there is still an opportunity to be an important partner in the education system, sharing your views, contributing to the shared goal of improving student achievement, and having a vehicle through which to express your opinion while keeping informed about what is happening at the school, band and provincial level of education.


We will continue to allow students to engage in land and culture-based educational activities fostering Anishinaabe pride while weaving together academic and traditional knowledge.  We continue to encourage students and staff to take pride in and use Anishinaabemowin daily.


I invite you to stop by and visit us here at Biidaaban any time. I am open to all questions and concerns from parents, guardians, or community members.  I would also welcome volunteers for ongoing school activities.   Our children’s success depends on us working together.  



Ms. Rebecca Toulouse, Principal



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