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WAAWAASNOODE Adult Learning Centre (WALC)

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Aanii, Boozhoo! 


Aanii, Boozhoo Kina weya


WALC represents a unique opportunity for adult learners. Whether you are completing the requirements of the Ontario Secondary School Diploma or earning the prerequisites for a post-secondary program, WALC provides an inclusive and supportive learning environment to help you achieve your goals.

We use student life experiences to help students obtain their OSSD, and we also recognize that learning occurs outside of the classroom. Therefore WALC provides many opportunities to develop, expand, and/or strengthen skills and knowledge. We encourage WALC students to participate in many excursions, career workshops, conferences, community events, and activities planned throughout the school year.  Becoming proactively engaged in the life of the school and contributing to community events help discover your path.


We welcome new and returning students to the Waawaasnoode learning community. We are delighted to have you join WALC, and we wish each student success.

Congratulations on your decision to consider Waawaasnoode Adult Learning Centre. It's the first step to reaching your goal. 



4008 Espaniel Street, Multi-Educational Centre
Sagamok Anishnawbek
Massey, Ontario, P.0. Box 610
Phone: 705 865-1475

Classroom Hours

Monday - Friday 

9:00am - 3:00pm 


2021-2022 WALC Calendar




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